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Updated By Les. Jan 2022

Does your business need a digital advertising strategy or not?

If you think not, then you’re in trouble. Your business needs a digital advertising strategy now more than ever as all our customers own mobile devices and they all consume information on the go. Traditional print advertising is slowly on the way out. It is all about adapting to a changing market. Refer to the chart below (source – Visual Capitalist):

Chart of the death of traditional media in digital marketing

Without such a strategy in place, your business will not be easily found on the internet. Your prospects will not know that you exist even if you are technically advanced and capable in solving all their challenges. As a business owner, you need to also stay ahead of competition.

The internet is your window to the world. These days pretty much everyone is on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We get updates of all types including latest news, someone sharing some information, images, jokes, perspectives and last but not least advertising.

Print media advertising typically costs thousands of dollars for the mass market. You also don’t have control over newspaper distribution meaning no control over target market advertising.

With digital advertising, you can control your target market reach including narrowing down to the age group, subject market interest, day and time, location, gender and advertising duration. More importantly, you can also set a budget spend. How good is that! This way you expend your advertising budget wisely therefore improving Return on Investment (ROI). All the digital advertising platforms such as Facebook and Google have excellent reporting capabilities that provide progress updates on the marketing campaign.

Compared to print advertising, you can’t do any of the above. From an all inclusive advertising solution for today’s technology savvy customer, digital advertising is the way to go. It is fast and can be a cost effective solution if your digital advertising strategy is well defined and properly implemented.

Check out our next blog where we discuss the key elements of a digital advertising strategy.

For the visually impaired, here is an audio version of this blog.

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