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Organic or Paid search marketing: Which is better?

Written By Les. Sep 2021

The short answer is that we really need both organic and paid search marketing.


Both have to be part of an overall digital marketing strategy for any business. When it comes to organic traffic, SEO does help to bring traffic to a website to an extent but we are at the mercy of the search engines. Traffic can be very inconsistent and engines like Google Search are always implementing regular changes. These changes are always impacting search results. Google never outlines in detail what is being changed in the search engine and we only find out when traffic patterns change.

Hence why we need paid traffic (e.g. Google Ads) to boost website awareness and visibility. If one uses Google Ads effectively with relevant Ad copy and campaign targeting, paid listings can achieve positioning at the top of the other paid advertisers and on top of of organic search results. Being listed first offers great advantage over competitors and will definitely boost traffic.

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