Creating everyday social media marketing content for a real estate agency?

Written By Les. Sep 2021

We recently had the opportunity to assist a local real estate agency with their social media marketing.

The agency’s question was “How do you create everyday social media marketing content for a real estate agency”.

Our response …. the key was audience engagement.

We outlined a social media marketing plan with actions for the agency.

Here plan at a high level:

  1. Create still images or 360 property videos/virtual tours (inside and outside) to promote sales/rental listings with some commentary – intention is to secure buyers
  2. Post property hints and tips such as how to prepare a home for sale or things buyers need to look out for in appraisals etc. demonstrate expertise, knowledge and experience
  3. Post office photos with staff – demonstrate company culture
  4. Post a question and get feedback from followers about something particular in property
  5. Run an education event or webinar about property
  6. Run a competition about property
  7. Highlight upcoming listings
  8. Post staff achievements and industry awards
  9. Offer free appraisals
  10. Address property pain points that relate to buyers or sellers with a benefit as an end result
  11. Target first time buyers
  12. Highlight recent sales in an area
  13. Highlight customer reviews
  14. Highlight lifestyle appeal

And always ask followers to like and share each post.

We hope you found this short post useful and if you run a real estate agency, you can start implementing these steps straight away.

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