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Do We Need A Mobile Compatible Website?

With smartphones and tablets offering a more flexible and portable (anytime, anywhere) viewing platform than desktops or laptops, websites that are not mobile friendly will miss out on significant opportunities.

Here's why:

Mobile users are different

Mobile users purchase on impulse and are more likely to make a purchase using their smartphone. There is no need to wait till getting home and using the desktop or laptop. Just purchase at that point in time using the smartphone since the website is mobile optimised.

More traffic with mobiles

More devices equates to more website traffic in addition to traffic from desktops or laptops. Mobiles also offer a more efficient search platform. Hence why a non-mobile optimised website will rank poorly on Google's search engine. Google's goal is to increase search traffic using it's search engine. Google penalises you if you don't have a mobile friendly website and your website may not rank highly on the search engine.

Satisfying customer expectations

Customers expect that you have a mobile optimised website. They expect that you advance with technology. They want to be able to reach out to you in the easiest way possible. No better way to get brand engagement with customers through a mobile friendly website.

Customers stay longer

Can't expect customers to be pinching, zooming or squinting at the text on your website. Making a website mobile friendly definitely allow customers to remain longer. Mobile websites need to be compatible with all known mobile browsers.

Google Mobile-First Indexing

Starting 1 Jul 2019, Google announced that it's search crawl engine will be analysing mobile versions of all new website domains. Previously, Google just focussed on desktop versions of new websites. It is so critical now to have your new or existing website mobile compatible. If it is not mobile compatible, your new website will not appear on Google search results or not ranked at all. For all older websites, Google will continue to monitor websites for mobile readiness but websites will eventually have to be made mobile ready.

If you are looking for a specialist to redesign your website to be mobile friendly, then get in touch with us. At Valles Digital Marketing, we pride ourselves in delivery first class digital services and customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business.

For the visually impaired, here is an audio version of this blog.

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May 2019