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SSL & Google Ranking

Improve your website Google Rankings with SSL

Recently, Google's search engine has been placing more weight on secure websites. In other words, having SSL applied on your website improves your Google search ranking.

Why? Google is encouraging all website owners to secure their website to improve online security and keep all users safe on the internet.

What is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL provides an encryption layer between your web browser and the website as hosted on a web server. The encryption layer prevents hackers from intercepting any data being transferred to and from the web browser and the web server. To implement SSL on your website, all the webmaster needs to do is acquire an SSL certificate (a small cost is involved) and associate it to the website on the web server. Just get your webmaster or server administrator to organise this for you.

If you see a website URL starting with HTTPS://, then the website uses SSL. Unencrypted websites start with HTTP://.

So in summary, why not implement SSL on your website as it not only protects your website and users but also promotes online security and improves your standing on Google's search engine.

For the visually impaired, here is an audio version of this blog.

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Jan 2018