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Case Study: Google Ads Management Client-K

Using Google Ads to effectively increase brand awareness that boosted impressions by 530% while cutting costs by 58% with conversions.

As it turned out after 4 months, there was no secret to the achievements. The success of the campaigns was as a result of sticking to a proven routine of doing things the right way over and over each and every month with very regular monitoring to identify improvement opportunities. Small, incremental changes can add up to significant improvements over time.

Read on to find out how we did it.

The Background

Our client, who we will refer to as Client-K, is a 42 year old family business operating in Victoria Australia. Their core business offerings are commercial plumbing, electrical, asbestos & environmental, and metal fabrication & engineering. They operate a number of strategically located branches in Victoria with a recent branch addition in Dandenong. The business has a comprehensive website with web forms and excellent relevant web content including case studies with rich videos.

The objective of the Google Ads project was to increase their brand awareness in Dandenong and surrounding areas with a major focus on securing qualified leads in commercial plumbing.

The Challenge Ahead

Challenges Requirement
Restricted Budget Spend $26/day
Campaign Type Search Only
Run Duration 4 months
Audience Geography Location restricted by 6 postcodes within and around the Dandenong region
Ad Theme Focus Commercial Plumbing
Conversion As many as possible
Target Market Highly competitive narrow B2B commercial plumbing vertical dominated by small to medium sized businesses. 20 other advertisers as reported on auction insights.
Brand Recognition Zero brand recognition or brand awareness for commercial plumbing in Dandenong

The Solution

To meet the challenges head on, we implemented a number of techniques that forced us to be creative and innovative in maximizing Google Ad’s capabilities:-

  1. Both automated bidding and manual bid campaigns were used. The rational was to utilize both machine learning and manual bidding to get the best from Google Ads. With manual bidding, we adjusted bids to minimize spend while maximizing impressions, clicks, conversions and lowering CPC.

  2. Ad group relevance and highly targeted Ad creatives that focused on a combination of Commercial Plumbing and Emergency Plumbing themes were created. Each Ad creative included a Call-To-Action. Ads comprised of a combination of Expanded Text Search Ads and Responsive Search Ads.

  3. To further enhance Ad strength, Ad extensions were implemented including Sitelink, Structured Snippets, Call-Out, Location and Call extensions.

  4. Implemented landing page split testing using the existing commercial plumbing page on the company website and a custom landing page with web forms.

  5. Organised campaigns using different geographic implementation techniques including location restricted by postcodes, location restricted by radius and Melbourne wide with further restrictions in some campaigns using a combination of in-market audiences and keywords.

  6. Ads split testing with different creatives to keep the campaigns fresh to overcome any Ad fatigue.

  7. Extensive keyword research lead to a combination of broad, broad modified and phrase match relevant targeted keywords that were implemented across the campaigns.

  8. Set up conversion tracking for web form submissions, call from Ads, calls from extensions and calls from website.

  9. Implemented shared budget that spread the $26/day budget across all campaigns.

  10. Daily campaign monitoring and optimization to identify problems and opportunities for overall improvement.

The Results

After 4 months, the campaigns started to yield results.

Google Ads Results 1

Google Ads Results 2

Impressions grew by 530% starting at 1464 in Aug 2019 to a total of 7766 by Dec 2019. In Dec 2019 itself, impressions were at 2362.

Clicks also increased by 2700% from 5 in Aug 2019 reaching a total of 140 in Dec 2019 with 62 clicks in Dec 2019.

Conversion started filtering in by the start month four to a total of 4 conversions. 2 conversions resulted from calls from Ads and 2 from web form submissions. The conversion rate was 2.86%. The technique of implementing different geographical targeting approaches combined with in market audiences and keyword match types helped to capture qualified leads in different ways.

Another important KPI was Average Cost-Per-Click (CPC). At the start of the campaigns in Aug 2019 Average CPC was $25.73 and by Dec 2019 Average CPC was down to $10.69. The combination of automated and manual campaign bidding worked to reduce client Ad spend. All this was achieved with a shared budget of $26/day restriction across all campaigns.

Based on our assumptions on Lead values on commercial plumbing (varies from project to project) Client K completes, we estimated a return on advertising spend (ROAS) of approximately 185% or for every $1 that was spent (including our management fees), we got back $1.85 in value.

For the visually impaired, here is an audio version of this blog.

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Dec 2019